Books (a happy post!)



What I have always loved about books, is the adventures they take you on. How in your mind you paint your very own picture, you visualise the characters; it’s almost like you’re right there in the story with them! I always loved/still do love that feeling.

You begin the book, not knowing what to expect. I feel like with movies, you already have an assumption of how the story line will go and most the time you end up being right. You don’t have any real emotion with the characters. Although with books, you still do assume but I have came to a realisation you are unlikely to guess how the story ends and even if you do end up guessing, there are numerous little twists and turns that you weren’t expecting. You have an attachment to the character/s.

*giggles to oneself*. I always end up falling in love with a character. This happens more with movies and TV series, just because I don’t read as much as I used to. Why is it that we do end up falling in love with these characters?

I always have a warm feeling reading romance books, they’re my favourite. How funny is it that I HATE romantic movies but love romance books? I always end up falling with the male characters in the books as if one day I am going to meet them?

Reading books is amazing! You literally are taken on an adventure! You go into your own little bubble and who doesn’t love an escape to their little happy bubble! I hope to fall in love with a new character soon, go on an adventure with them etc.. so if you have any great book suggestions regardless of the genre, please comment.



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