“Instagram Depression”


Two posts in one day? In less than an hour? You guys are being spoilt!

I am a hypocrite, but I am still going to write about this.

“Don’t let the posts on Instagram trick you into thinking that your life is inadequate just because you’re not social media famous. People fall for what they see on Instagram so much that they’ll believe that their life isn’t worth shit if they’re not posting about it. Don’t let the use of Instagram depress you.”

Okay, so let’s be real. Instagram is FAKE! I always heard or read this statement but never really understood it? Now I do. People portray a certain life on Instagram, they portray this for those who follow them. Things aren’t always what they seem to appear. A picture is merely a picture, we cannot see behind the closed doors of where that picture has came from.

For example..you see a beautiful woman or man with thousands of followers, living a lavish lifestyle; from expensive cars to breathtaking holidays to designer clothing and accessories etc. Although you come to find out that these people don’t work or do work but it is a 9-5pm but have the wonderful “bank of mum and dad” and that’s how they afford all of these things. Now lets flip it, let’s say they do not have the bank of mum and dad and work a 9-5pm and afford all of these things themselves, that is wonderful! BUT these are all materialistic things. They are things they buy (most of the time, not all the time) to show off, to be flashy with. Why is it, people always feel the need to put their latest purchase on Instagram? TO BE FLASHY, FOR THE LIKES!

We spend endless hours scrolling through Instagram, seeing posts and wishing we were in their shoes. Remember when I said I am hypocrite? Yup, I am. I am writing this post but I am one of those people who ENVY these “famous, ordinary Instagramers”. Our society is so in love with portraying this picture perfect life.

Instagram does depress me. I see people posting pictures of themselves or a person they believe to be “body and face perfect” and I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I and my skin make myself sick. Nothing is worse when the opposite sex puts a picture of the opposite sex they are attracted to with “she is perfect, GOALS” You scroll through the comments reading “she’s perfect” “wife material” “body goals” “face goals” “10/10” and you hope and wish there is one person who is going to comment against it and educate us in understanding that we are each beautiful in our own way.

“We gotta stop equating having a nice body to being marriage material. It’s misleading to young women and men.”

How funny is it, that an app can make you feel so low about yourself? I don’t envy celebrities because they are celebrities. I envy ordinary people, people who do not work but still end up with lavish things. (now you’re probably thinking, well how do you know they don’t work? Trust me, I know PERSONALLY) and I am left thinking, I work my bloody butt off and still can’t afford these things.

It’s funny, because there’s a TV show I watch and this couple ended up breaking up after years of being together. She stated she wasn’t happy and hadn’t been for a while. Now, looking at it from an outside perspective, both their social media pages during the period of time “she wasn’t happy” portrayed they were above and beyond happy. Holidays together, buying each other gifts, videos of their date nights etc. They portrayed a picture perfect happy couple but behind closed doors things clearly weren’t going well; people show us on Instagram what they wish us to see. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everything is as clear as it seems in pictures, that they really are living this lavish lifestyle due to a 9-5pm (it isn’t impossible but very unlikely!).

We have to learn that what we see on Instagram isn’t real. Each person has their own story, everything isn’t what it is portrayed. Don’t fall into Instagram depression. If Instagram was to delete the app today, then what? It is just an app. It was created for us to express pictures not to show off, not to scroll for hours hating on another persons life, or wishing you had their life.

We need to learn to be happy and not determine our happiness by something as stupid as likes and follows.

Have you noticed how we live in a society where, we go out for dinner, coffee, breakfast with a friend, maybe a partner or our parents and once it arrives at our table, we take our phones out and take a picture? For what? Oh yeah that’s right Instagram or Snapchat?

“Social media has created an outlet for narcissistic behaviour where self worth is determined by the amount of likes received.”

The next time you are scrolling down Instagram, don’t start questioning your life or your appearance. INSTAGRAM IS FAKE. What is portrayed is just a picture.




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